Completing the allotment plot

Our three groups arranged to meet up at the allotment Sunday morning at eleven o’clock. The plan was to plant everything that is ready to go outside and to get the netting around the plot to keep out the deer and to net over the raised beds to stop the pigeons eating the tender crops.

Our friends opposite were bringing a barbeque and supplying sausages and rolls and we all bought some beer and wine along.

It was such a great day. We stopped to eat at half past one and finished the work at four o’clock but we got so much done and had such a good time. The sausages tasted amazing and it was good to spend time together. The children joined in with planting and watering.

Our car is loaded and ready to go to the allotment

The planting begins

Potatoes and onions going in

We took the maris peer and red fir apple potatoes that we had chitted. We also took white onions, red onions and garlic. We took broad beans but not the runner beans or dwarf beans as it’s too early to put them out yet. We are still hardening them off during the day and taking them inside at night.

Strawberries, cabbages and marigolds being planted

D had taken strawberry runners from the strawberry patch in his garden and had grown cabbages and marigolds from seed. We planted the marigolds around the edges of the raised beds.

D also planted two of the raised beds with seeds for carrots, parsnips, beetroot, leeks, spring onions and spinach. He is also growing from seed, at home, courgettes, broccoli, tomatoes and cucumbers.

I planted the broad beans

The tall canes to the right of the broad beans are in place ready for the runner beans and dwarf beans.

Behind the broad beans D planted a couple of sunflowers and some more marigolds.

In front of the broad beans D planted a rhubarb plant. The raspberry canes were already in, supplied by T. T is going to plant a pumpkin and wants to enter the end of year veg competition. He wants to try for the longest bean, longest carrot, biggest pumpkin, weirdest shaped vegetable and tallest sunflower!

The netting is going up over the raised beds

T supplied the pallets as he is able to get them from work when they are finished with them. We all contributed equally to the cost of the netting.

The sausages go on the barbeque

I forgot to take a photo after the sausages were cooked when they looked delicious. The sausages were German bratwurst and tasted amazing.

The netting is taking shape

The netting is almost finished

The work is finished for today

We were all pleased with our accomplishments and are now looking forward to seeing how everything grows. We are looking forward to spending time together during the summer with the odd barbeque and beers on some occasions.

We also look forward to lots of lovely produce.

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4 Responses to Completing the allotment plot

  1. marion says:

    It all looks amazing, and how nice to make a social eventof it, such good fun, and all that lovely produce to come.

  2. Carol says:

    I haven’t enjoyed a day more for ages. It was such good fun. Everyone pulled together and we chatted as we worked and the children were as good as gold. They are such a lovely group of friends, all so good humoured and so willing to get on with whatever needs doing and so enthusiastic and the sausages tasted so much better outdoors after a bit of exercise and fresh air.

  3. david says:

    Real team work – looks fantastic.

  4. Carol says:

    It was such a team effort and so satisfying and so fun at the same time. We were all amazed at how much we achieved.

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