Ebony and Vanilla continue to lay their eggs together

A few days after the first post I did about Ebony and Vanilla sitting in the corner of the chicken shed they settled in there together again.

Once again Vanilla settled in the corner behind Ebony

And just like last time once Ebony had laid her egg Vanilla moved it around

I removed Ebony’s egg and a few minutes later Vanilla laid her egg. Two days later they were settled together again. These two seem to be perfectly in sync with their egg laying.

For the third time running Ebony and Vanilla settled together in the corner of the chicken shed

When I checked back a little later Ebony and Vanilla’s eggs were together in the corner. I can’t believe how in tune these two are at the moment.

This was also our first, seven egg day, of the year. We had eggs from Ebony, Vanilla, Jasmine, Flame, Smoke, Spangle and Salmon.

Well done girls!

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4 Responses to Ebony and Vanilla continue to lay their eggs together

  1. Sophie says:

    They are funny!! 🙂 xx

  2. marion says:

    Lovely how they have their own special friend.

  3. Carol says:

    They are so funny. We first found their eggs together on Sunday after we had been to the allotment. Then I found the pair of them together in the shed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, which was when I took photos. Then Yesterday, Monday, we were watching the girls and Vanilla kept going in the shed then running out and squeaking, as my husband called it, to Ebony. I said that I would swear that she was telling Ebony that she should go in the shed with her to lay their eggs together. Five minutes later I checked back and I told my husband that Vanilla had got her way. Ebony and Vanilla were settled in the corner of the shed. They went on to lay their eggs side by side again for the fifth day out of ten days. It really is funny. Vanilla really did seem to be telling Ebony that she needed her to join her in the shed. xx

  4. Carol says:

    They settled in the shed together again yesterday. It is so sweet to see forming a pattern. Five times in ten days so far.

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