Flame is back in lay

This morning Flame settled in a nest box. A little later she was out in the run and Marmite was sitting on Flame’s, large, white egg. I had forgotten how big Flame’s eggs are. It has been three weeks since she last laid and ten days since Vanilla started laying again.

Flame is in the nest box

It obviously takes longer to start laying again after the broody hormones than after regressing to being a chick. It is good to have another layer of bigger eggs again.

Ebony and Marmite share a nest box

I love seeing these girls of different size but the same colour together.

Ebony and Marmite sitting side by side

Broody girls are happy to share a nest box because they get to snaffle an egg. When I next checked Ebony was out in the run and Marmite was sitting on Ebony’s egg. Marmite looked so proud to sit on two large eggs in one day! Sigh!

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6 Responses to Flame is back in lay

  1. Sophie says:

    All your birds are beautiful but Flame is just so striking and the absolute picture of health! xx

  2. marion says:

    They have such lovely glossy feathers. Such good looking girls.

    • Carol says:

      I think the black feathers are so beautiful. As you say they are so glossy with a purple sheen. I find it surprising that both my serama breeders said that black feathered girls are not popular. I think they are probably the most beautiful of all.

  3. david says:

    Both Ebony and Flame look to be in outstandingly good condition.

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