Smoke is no longer broody

Hurrah! Smoke came out of being broody yesterday but Marmite is still broody. I knew Smoke was getting ready to come out of her broodiness because for the last couple of days she had been out in the run for the morning sunflower seeds and the evening corn but in the nest box the rest of the time.

Marmite is much more determined. I had been closing the nest boxes in the evening and this meant that Smoke would perch up at bedtime but Marmite would simply sit in front of the closed nest box and I had to lift her to the  perch each evening.

It was so good to see Smoke outside all day yesterday. Marmite remains determined to sit in the nest box all day. Each afternoon I would lift both Smoke and Marmite to the run and they would have a quick dust bath together. It always makes me glad that I have lifted them out when I see them dust bath. It is almost like I have granted them permission to do this.

Marmite and Smoke dust bath together

They are joined by Vanilla and Spangle

I love the way that once a couple of girls start to dust bath a couple more will join in. Chickens are such communal creatures.

I didn’t bother closing the nest boxes last night because I knew that Smoke would perch at bedtime and I decided it was as easy to lift Marmite from the nest box instead of in front of it.

There is quite a lack of egg laying at the moment. I have a theory that because seramas are a very broody breed I think that those that don’t go broody need to take a break from laying from time to time.

Speckles doesn’t really count in the egg laying stakes as she has only laid one egg this year in March and I don’t really expect her to lay again.

The odd thing is that only Ebony, Flame and Vanilla are laying at the moment. Luckily these three are all good layers so they are keeping us going with eggs.

Jasmine last laid six days ago. Salmon last laid seven days ago. Marmite last laid eight days ago. Smoke last laid ten days ago. Cinnamon also last laid ten days ago. The really odd one is that Spangle last laid twenty four days ago.

Spangle was never a good layer. She laid twice a week for four months before stopping. The odd thing is that she goes to the nest box from time to time and sits a while then leaves without laying. Spangle looks fine though so it is a puzzle but then again in the past Topaz hardly laid at all.

In all of the time that we had Sienna I never ever saw her in a nest box so it was obviously her heart problem that stopped her laying. Spangle has laid in the past and does go to the nest box so she must feel like she wants to lay or should be laying. It is a puzzle but as long as she looks fine I try not to worry.

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4 Responses to Smoke is no longer broody

  1. Sophie says:

    Glad to hear that Smoke is out of ‘the zone’!! 🙂

    I think some birds are just poor layers regardless of their breed – Speckles is a prime example!

  2. Carol says:

    It is so good to have Smoke back out in the run again.

    You are right of course. I mentioned Topaz but Speckles has never laid well either. xx

  3. marion says:

    They certainly look very relaxed.

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