Chicken behaviour

Ebony has been broody for two weeks. At the end of the day I close the nest boxes and this makes broody Smoke go and perch up in the chicken shed. Not Ebony though. She sits on the top of the nest box until I put her on a perch once the pop hole has closed.

Ebony settles on the top of the nest box

Since the weather warmed up Speckles started wanting to sleep outside as she does every summer. After the first few days of doing this Cinnamon started joining her. This is something that Cinnamon has never done before. Since we lost Dandelion, Cinnamon has firmly attached herself to Speckles and I think it is a case of where Speckles goes Cinnamon goes too.

I think that because Ebony is broody this has stopped her from joining Speckles as she has done in the past and probably will do again in the future. It was still quite light when I took this photo but it was to show that this is where they settle and they are still here at dusk.

These two have taken to staying outside

At the moment I put Ebony in and then I go and collect these two. Because Cinnamon is so tiny I am able to take both girls at once. I pick up Speckles and settle her under my left arm and then pick up Cinnamon in my right hand.

I put Cinnamon on the perch with Jasmine and then use both hands to put Speckles on the perch with Ebony and Flame. This is the evening ritual for now.

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4 Responses to Chicken behaviour

  1. Sophie says:

    Very sweet picture of speckles and Cinnamon xx

    • chickencarol says:

      It’s funny because they weren’t as close together as they usually are and yet it was just the two of them as it often is. I feel annoyed that they are both out yet as you say they are sweet together. Needless to say it was just the same tonight. xx

  2. marion says:

    I dont think they would like being out all night in this weather.

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