Broody, broody, broody, girls!

I can’t believe how constant the broodies are at the moment. Vanilla went broody again yesterday so we now have three, Ebony, Smoke and Vanilla. Vanilla took a six day break after her last broody spell and then laid six eggs in nine days before going broody again.

Ebony has been in it for the long haul. While Ebony has been broody Vanilla went broody then Jasmine went broody then Smoke went broody (and still is) and then Vanilla again.

Like Jasmine, Vanilla wasn’t broody long last time, so I am hoping that that will be the same this time.

They are three quite different broodies. Ebony is completely docile and accepts me lifting her without any protest. She doesn’t peck and she doesn’t growl.

Vanilla is angry and pecks me and growls as does Jasmine when she is broody. Vanilla has always pecked me but Jasmine only does so when broody and the rest of the time I can handle her easily.

Smoke raises her wings and tail and has an angry gleam in her eye but doesn’t peck and remains in a trance like state when I lift her out.

When I lift Ebony out she sits there for a minute and then takes of at speed for a scratch, dust bath, preen, food and water and then returns to the nest box at speed.

When I lift Smoke out she sits in a trance like state. I have taken to placing her on the log as this helps her come out of her trance more quickly. She then has food and water and occasionally a dust bath and then returns to the nest box.

When I lift Vanilla out she will usually go straight back in again. She stays out for longer when she decides to come out on her own.

Vanilla is an angry broody

I just caught Vanilla shouting at me here.

Ebony is a docile broody and is very calm

Smoke is somewhere in between

There is an angry glint in her eyes.

Vanilla when lifted from the nest box

Ebony when lifted from the nest box

Smoke when lifted from the nest box

Vanilla angrily makes her way back to the nest box with wings stretched

Smoke takes her time to come out of her trance

It’s a never ending round of broody behaviour!

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6 Responses to Broody, broody, broody, girls!

  1. marion says:

    I think they are cross with you.

  2. Carol says:

    I am used to them being cross with me especially Vanilla.

  3. Sophie says:

    Oh dear!!! :-0 xx

    • Carol says:

      Indeed! I am getting used to the barrage of broody girls but Vanilla is an angry girl. However I have stopped being a wimp about being pecked as it doesn’t hurt. It is endearing to have Ebony so docile even though determined and it is funny to see Vanilla so full of anger although I am trying to be sensitive too as they can’t help it. xx

  4. David Anderson says:

    Fun and games with broodies! I’ve been away 2 days and returned last night to another 4. I’ll need too get them into the dog crate, but the bleaching rain at the moment makes that not really an option. Converse worries me: when she has been broody a few days, she seems to have problems with her legs, so she is priority.

    • Carol says:

      Oh dear, it is a constant problem isn’t it! Not good when there is another problem as well. If only we could tell them. Constant rain here too which is causing it’s own problems. How old is Converse? Hope you sort her out soon.

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