Allotment update

Yesterday we went to the allotment. This plot is beautiful. We aren’t sure if it’s just been left or if it’s been purposefully seeded with wild flowers but the effect is stunning. I suspect it must have been seeded.

A beautiful wildflower plot

On to our plot.

Lettuces and radishes looking great and carrots on the right

Potatoes looking great

Broad beans


First of the ripe strawberries

Grandchildren in the background

Having a go at mowing

We are really pleased with how everything is coming along. We have so far been harvesting rocket and spinach although the spinach is bolting and going to seed. Everything else is looking great.

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6 Responses to Allotment update

  1. marion says:

    It all looks great, a good selection of veg, and love the wilf flower patch.

  2. marion says:

    Sorry hit te wrong key on wild, i really must read what i write before i send my message.

  3. david says:

    Everythig looks so lovely – you must be delighted.

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