Frozen peas and sweetcorn

On Saturday we had one very hot day, for us in England, anyway. On Saturday it was 35 degrees C which is 95 degrees F. This was 10 degrees warmer (25 degrees C – 75 degrees F) than the day before and the day after.

I feel very sorry for France who are gripped by a heatwave with temperatures up to 45 degrees C – 113 degrees F. We only had one day so it’s not classed as a heat wave. However it was enough for the bigger girls to be feeling it.

The little girls are fine with the heat as they originate from a hot country (Malaysia) and they were sun bathing in the middle of the day. Speckles was panting with an open beak, Flame was standing in the shade with her wings held out and Ebony was sitting on the wooden shelter in the shade of the hypericum.

I decided to cool the girls down with some frozen peas and sweetcorn in dishes of water. This cools the girls by not only eating the cold peas and sweetcorn (they don’t stay frozen for long) but also taking on board some of the cold water.

The girls enjoyed the treat and they looked cooler afterwards. I soon noticed that Ebony was methodically picking out all of the sweetcorn. By the time the girls had had enough for the moment there were only peas left. As the afternoon went on the peas gradually went too but the sweetcorn was definitely more popular.

Frozen peas and sweetcorn

It started out as a fifty fifty mix but the sweetcorn soon disappeared.

Ebony is picking out the sweetcorn

The girls really seemed to enjoy this and they did look more comfortable afterwards.

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4 Responses to Frozen peas and sweetcorn

  1. marion says:

    A nice cool treat.

    • Carol says:

      They loved it. I was wondering where you were. I think you missed my last post, quite a long one on the moult. I will call you later.

  2. Sophie says:

    Lovely to see them eating their treats xx

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