We were disappointed when our whole row of marris peer potatoes, on our garden veg plot, got blight. We dug them up and ate them as new potatoes so they weren’t wasted but didn’t give us much of a yield.

That left an empty row so I decided to sow radish seeds as it is the only crop that would be quick enough to sow so late in the season. Now we are reaping the benefits of sowing a quick salad vegetable.

Yesterday I picked these and they are only a fraction of the row, picking the biggest ones, first.


I am happy with these as I love the crunch that they add to our lunch time sandwich as well as any salads we have. It is a great way to use a bit of a late space on the veg plot.

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2 Responses to Radishes

  1. marion says:

    Very nice.

    • Carol says:

      I love the crunch that they add to everything. I am just buying the meat each day and using all our own produce for the rest of the meal which is great.

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