More allotment wild flowers

Our friends and allotment sharers (who live opposite us) have been on holiday for two weeks. For the first week they went abroad and then a day back home and then off to the lake district in their camper van.

We were in charge of watering their pot plants although the first week we saved them from drowning and the second week we watered them.

They invited us over for a drink with them on their day home before setting off again. They gave us a sweet little gift of a bottle stopper.

A holiday gift, it’s so pretty

On the day they got back the second time my husband collected some more wild flowers in his water bottle and took them over to them to welcome them home. My flowers are still going strong so my husband will pick some more for me when they begin to fade.

More allotment wild flowers

My husband is rather good at making these little wild flower arrangements.

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  1. marion says:

    Very pretty.

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