Seed heads and wild flowers

The leek seed heads on our veg plot have been dramatic all summer. They have now come to their end so my husband decided to cut them down and put them in our enamel jug in the kitchen and see what they do.

I arranged them and took a photo but the corner of the kitchen was a bit dark so I photographed them on the table by the back door to show them off properly.

A jug of leek seed heads

In the kitchen

A bit later my husband visited the allotment and bought me back some wild flowers.

Another jug of wild flowers from the allotment

And some poppies

The poppies are so fragile that I put them in a separate little vase. The flowers are so pretty and provide such a lovely splash of colour.

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2 Responses to Seed heads and wild flowers

  1. Sophie says:

    Really pretty – I especially like the poppies!! xx

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