Tribute to Vanilla

We collected Vanilla along with the other four amigos last August.

Vanilla in February this year

Having only had Vanilla for a year, what she will be most remembered for, was her relationship with Flame. Twice this year Vanilla played the part of chick to Flame. It happened when they both went broody at the same time. The first time was in April this year. I took these photos when I had closed the nest boxes to try to break them out of this behaviour.

Vanilla posing as a needy chick in front of Flame

Vanilla pushes herself underneath Flame

Mother and chick behaviour

I didn’t think this would be likely to happen again but in August this year it did. We were also experiencing a heat wave and I had poured water over the patio area to cool it down. Again I had closed the nest boxes to try to break this behaviour which wasn’t ideal in a heat wave.

Flame and Vanilla do this again

Vanilla and Flame together in the shed

At bedtime this was how I found them. I had never come across this behaviour before and it was even more surprising that it happened twice.

I found this behaviour frustrating at the time but now that I look back at the photographs I can see that they looked very cute together.

Vanilla may have only been with us for a year but this is what she will always be remembered for. She had a very unique relationship with Flame. Vanilla had a good year with us. She was our best serama egg layer.

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6 Responses to Tribute to Vanilla

  1. Sophie says:

    So sad and such a shock! 🙁 xx

  2. david says:

    You gave her a lovely life.

  3. marion says:

    Lovely girl, very sad, but all your girls are so loved and cared for.

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