Our village show

Yesterday (Sunday) was our annual village show. We took our car for the classic car section.  We decided to set up a little table with our vintage crockery at the back of the car and put out some of our business cards. We thought it would be a good chance to promote our vintage crockery and our afternoon tea service.

The three of us sharing an allotment also put some of our produce in the competition.We entered biggest sunflower head, Fattest carrot, longest bean and heaviest marrow.

T had been growing long carrots but we found there wasn’t a longest carrot section so we entered fattest instead. T also wanted to try for biggest pumpkin but the pumpkin plant grew so long it was like Jack’s beanstalk but sadly didn’t produce any pumpkins.

It was a beautiful sunny day which meant there was a good turn out and it was very busy. We bumped into most of our neighbours and chatted to lots of people interested in classic cars.

After lunch the vegetable tent was judged and we won three, firsts, which was not bad for our first year. We got a first for our biggest sunflower head, our fattest carrot and our heaviest marrow. We were thrilled and it meant each of the three of us sharing the allotment plot got to take a rosette home.

Tea table at the back of our car

Tea table

Our car

First for our biggest sunflower head

First for our fattest carrot

First for our heaviest marrow

The sunflower head was heavy and the boys had to use a saw to cut through the stem and it took two to hold the head. But the marrow, which strictly speaking, was an overgrown courgette, was really really heavy! Afterwards we all argued about who should take it home in as much as no one  wanted to take it home!

We hefted it over to D’s classic camper van and abandoned it next to it. D is good at making a quirky use of odd things.

We all vowed to do even better next year. It was just the most enjoyable day.

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6 Responses to Our village show

  1. Sophie says:

    Sounds good fun! xx

  2. marion says:

    Well done, We love marrow with cheese sauce, we like marrow better than courgettes.
    Your tea table looked really nice. glad you had a fun day.

    • Carol says:

      It was actually a courgette that got too big to use so we decided to leave it and see how big it would get. I don’t like the courgettes so much when they get too big. Quite a few people took our cards from the afternoon tea table.

      It was extra enjoyable because Robert and Steph turned up and we spent a bit of time together. They came with us to see our winning items and had a weigh of the courgette. We had a laugh together which was the icing on the cake for a lovely afternoon.

  3. david says:

    What a lovely day you had; well done on the awards, and hope you get some business generated: the crockery looks lovely.

    • Carol says:

      We got chatting to the couple next to us who also have a classic car and they took one of our cards. They e-mailed on Friday and said there was another show near by on Saturday and would we like to meet up. We did and it was another glorious sunny day. Again we had a lovely time and feel like we have now made new friends too. We are meeting up again at another local show in October if not before.

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