Marmite and Flame’s pins

Both Marmite and Flame have white heads at the moment because of the amount of pins they have.

Marmite’s head is white with pins

A white head

Flame’s head is also all pins

One side of Flame’s neck is also a mass of pins

Flame’s neck seems to be moulting one side at a time. These two girls are having a messy moult. This is often referred to as an ugly moult but my girls could never be ugly therefore I prefer to call it a messy moult!

It will be so good to see these two girls back to normal. I am picking up much less feathers though so I think we may be through the worse of it.

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4 Responses to Marmite and Flame’s pins

  1. Sophie says:

    They’ll both soon be looking pristine again xx

  2. marion says:

    With all them pins showing, they will soon be back to their lovely selves.

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