A very poorly Cinnamon

The day before yesterday I noticed that Salmon was wheezing again. Then yesterday afternoon we both saw that Cinnamon was in trouble again.

Cinnamon was making the same twisting, neck motion, that she was last time. In between she was sitting hunched and miserable.

I had saved the remains of the baytril from treating Cinnamon last time and also saved the remains from treating Salmon. I have enough to treat both girls. I know that the vet will not treat either girl a second time so I decided to use the baytril to treat them both.

We gave both girls a dose right away. Last time Cinnamon bounced back about four hours later. By the end of the day I was disappointed to see that there was no improvement in Cinnamon. I decided to give Cinnamon another dose. I waited until she had perched for the night so that I could lift her from the perch with minimal stress.

This morning Cinnamon joined in with the morning sunflower hearts and I felt hopeful. It didn’t last long though. As the morning wore on Cinnamon looked more and more miserable. She was sitting hunched in the corner between the wooden block and the patio.

A very poorly Cinnamon

I am certain that I am not going to get her back from this this time but as one last ditch attempt I decided to give her one more dose. I had to go out to do my lunch deliveries and she was very weak. I thought of putting her in the cat box but then decided that she would be more comfortable in a nest box.

I put her in the nest box and I don’t know what I will find when I get back at lunch time. I am preparing myself for finding her gone or taking her to the vets. I am in tears right now. Cinnamon has always been a favourite and she is my longest standing serama.

I am so upset by this happening again and felt that I had to get this post out before going out as I don’t know what will happen this afternoon.

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  1. marion says:

    So so sorry,These little girls seem so fragile.

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