Cinnamon has gone

I wanted to get back as early as I could to see how Cinnamon was but everything seemed against me. Everywhere I went I had to queue and the traffic coming home was really slow.

When I got home my husband held his arms out to me and said that Cinnamon was gone. I burst into tears. He went to check on her and she was huddled in a corner. He picked her up and liquid poured from her beak. For a moment he thought this may be a sign that she was getting rid of it and he thought it might help her.

He put her back in the nest box and her breathing was very shallow. Suddenly her head went down and she scratched with her feet and then she was gone.

We wrapped her up and dug a very deep hole in the chicken’s strip. My husband made a cross from some odd bits of perch and said it was the biggest cross for our smallest girl. I planted some poppy and primrose seedlings over her.

Cinnamon is buried here

The chicken’s strip

We have had Cinnamon for three and half years making her about four years old which is our longest lived serama. She has always been a firm favourite of ours.

She will be very much missed. I feel for Speckles losing her close little friend. When I cleaned up the run Speckles followed me around making a mournful sound. Cinnamon is the last girl from my first serama breeder. She was such a sweetie. I will do a tribute to her tomorrow.

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8 Responses to Cinnamon has gone

  1. marion says:

    So sad, Let us hope Speckles dont mourn her and make herself ill.

    • Carol says:

      It is so sad. Speckles is quite fragile herself with age and I am prepared that she may not get through the winter. You can see her breathing as her feathers bob up and down. She has wet, sloppy, poops under her roost spot once more and she is easily anxious.

  2. sophie says:

    I am so sad to read this Carol and I know just how you are feeling. She was a lovely little hen. Big hug xxxx

    • Carol says:

      It is so much harder to lose the girls we have the longest and even more so when they are such a favourite as Cinnamon. She was so special. I have been tearing up all afternoon. xxxx

  3. david says:

    So sorry, Carol – she was a little hen with a HUGE personality. What is staggering is how very quickly they can go downhill – your photos capture just how very poorly she was, but I look forward to your tribute, as I know you’ll have loads of photos of a wonderful little bird. X

    • Carol says:

      She did have a huge personality. It will take me time going through photos as you say there are loads. She did go down so quickly that its shocked me rather. I will miss her so much. X

  4. jenn says:

    Sorry to read this. I just lost two chickens recently. Sometimes you just don’t know. -Jenn

    • Carol says:

      It can be quite a shock as they suddenly go down hill. Sorry that you too have losses recently. I am still stunned by losing Cinnamon and she did go down so suddenly.

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