A tribute to Cinnamon

We lost our lovely Cinnamon yesterday. She has always been a firm favourite of both of us and of my readers too I think.

I made a mistake yesterday when I said she was four years old, in fact she was only three years old. I was counting my egg record sheets which have the date of new arrivals at the top and I had forgotten that due to a larger flock I used two sheets this year.

We collected the three amigos, Cinnamon, Dandelion and Apricot, in February 2017. Cinnamon was the only one of Dave’s girls still with us and she was the one we went back for. I instantly fell for her small size and red/brown colour. Dave didn’t want to sell her to me as he noticed she had red mite. We drove round the block and went back for her. I couldn’t leave her behind and reasoned that if she had red mite, they probably all did, and we could deal with it.

I have always been glad that we went back for her. She turned out to have a huge character for a tiny girl. She was feisty and soon rose to top girl of the girls we had at that time. She had big feet for her small size and always dug the deepest, dust bath, holes. Cinnamon also formed the closest friendships.

Cinnamon and Dandelion were inseparable from the first day they arrived. Dandelion used to cry if she lost sight of Cinnamon. Speckles soon took these girls under her wing and was very motherly towards them.

When Dandelion was unwell in April, Cinnamon kept her company, until we had to have her put to sleep. From that moment on Cinnamon and Speckles were inseparable and they roosted next to each other in the corner of the new chicken shed.

I am including many photos of Cinnamon as she was such a character and I want to give her a fitting send off. She is already much missed.

The three amigos before the later arrival of the five amigos (of which there are now four)

Cinnamon always dug the deepest, dust bath, holes

Cinnamon during her first summer with us

Cinnamon liked to perch on the high, branch, perch

Speckles and Cinnamon looking at something through the weld mesh

Dandelion and Cinnamon in a patch of sun

Speckles and Cinnamon at the pellet dish together

Cinnamon always had a big crop for a little girl

Dandelion and Cinnamon together

Dandelion and Cinnamon in a dust bath together

Cinnamon’s fluffy bottom

Another portrait of Cinnamon with Dandelion next to her but out of shot

Cinnamon had to get her, dust bath, holes just right with her busy, digger, feet

Another dust bath together and both girls have pins on their head

Beautiful Cinnamon

Cinnamon checks on Dandelion in the nest box

Cinnamon only went broody a couple of times

Cinnamon keeps a poorly Dandelion company

These two were always together after we lost Dandelion

Cinnamon with Speckles not far from her

Cinnamon perches between Speckles and Flame, after we lost Dandelion, Cinnamon always preferred the bigger girls company

Cinnamon stays close to Speckles

Cinnamon last month

For a tiny girl she was a big presence in the chicken run and I can’t get used to not seeing her there at the moment. Speckles didn’t perch in their corner for the first time last night but perched near the door next to Flame.

Our sweet Cinnamon will never be forgotten. She was a very special little girl.

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10 Responses to A tribute to Cinnamon

  1. david says:

    Lovely tribute, Carol – she gave much pleasure in reading about her and looking at some of the wonderful photos you’ve taken. You’ll miss her very much, but always smile when thinking of her.

    • Carol says:

      I miss her so much already. Looking back through the photos made me realise how close she was to Dandelion and Speckles. I just went in not long ago and Speckles put her head in each nest box then stepped in the chicken shed and out again all the time making a mournful sound. I swear she was looking for her.

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m so sorry to see that you’ve lost Cinammon. I especially love the photo of her broody. I

    • Carol says:

      The end of your comment doesn’t appear to be there unless the, I, was a mistake. Cinnamon rarely went broody which is quite unusual for a serama. She was a good egg layer. I think from when we treated her with baytril last month she was probably not quite right inside because each of her eggs after that had a blob of poop on them.

  3. Sophie says:

    Such a special tribute Carol for an extra special little brown hen! They’re with us for such a short time but enrich our lives hugely. I think we will all miss little Cinnamon. Big hug xxxx

    • Carol says:

      I think it is probably fairly obvious from my tribute what a favourite she was. They are with us all too short a time but I have loved every minute of having Cinnamon. There will never be another little girl quite like her. xxxx

  4. Sophie says:

    I especially love the indignant look she is giving in the photo showing her fluffy bottom xx

    • Carol says:

      I remember taking that photo. I was planning a post about fluffy bottoms and when she caught me sneaking up behind her she gave me that look that said what did I think I was doing! I also love the one of Cinnamon and Speckles looking at something outside the run. I so clearly remember taking that and thinking how sweet they looked together that I was shocked to find that was two years ago. It has been a trip down memory lane looking at all the photos.

  5. marion says:

    Lovely tribute to a special girl, some lovely pictures.

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