Marmite is broody

I have had the feeling, over the last few days, that Marmite was about to go broody. She has laid fifteen eggs in twenty five days which is pretty good going. The last few days she has spent longer in the nest box and started making the clucking sound.

Last night at bedtime when I checked on the girls the automatic door was just closing and Marmite was in the nest box. I lifted her to the bedtime perch.

This morning Smoke wanted to lay her egg in the same nest box that Marmite was occupying so she decided to share.

Smoke and Marmite share a nest box

Notice the difference in their tails. Smokes has the normal, together, tail and Marmite has the, fanned out, broody tail. As soon as Smoke had laid her egg Marmite promptly sat on it and shouted loudly when I removed it.

Being broody in November is ridiculous!

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6 Responses to Marmite is broody

  1. Sophie says:

    Being broody in November IS ridiculous but I’m also so envious that your girls are still laying!! Mine shut up shop AGES ago!! xx

    • Carol says:

      I have never had such a late broody before. Laying at this time of year is a bit hit and miss. I looked back at last year and some girls laid until half way through November. It seems late but possible. xx

  2. david says:

    Only one of mine laying – Blackie, my black silkie, so she, too, will be a November broody! I do remember, as a youngster, my father having chicks hatched under a broody in December. One of the quirks of the breeds we keep!

  3. marion says:

    She has laid you a nice lot of eggs, Time for a rest.

    • Carol says:

      To be honest I am amazed that I am still getting any eggs at this time of year. Marmite isn’t likely to start again after being broody this late in the year but Ebony and Smoke are still laying at the moment. Every egg is a bonus.

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