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John Gray of the blog “Going Gently” has put out another competition. The last one I took part in was the postcard competition. This time he has a Christmas card competition. It started at the end of November and will be judged on Christmas Eve.

He is looking for the most original and says the more bizarre and different the better. The winner will be picked on Christmas Eve and the prize will be a robust donation to a charity in the winner’s name.

John works in a hospice and and his only day off over the Christmas period is Christmas Eve so he wants to make it fun.

The card I have adapted was a card that I saw when looking for a birthday card recently. John loves his dogs so this card appealed to me and I thought that I could adapt it to change it into a Christmas card. I am not going for bizarre but rather for the dog theme that fits in with John’s love of dogs.

Sadly John lost his elderly black scottie dog and elderly welsh terrier during the last year but has recently adopted a young bulldog that was in need of a home. He has a youngish welsh terrier and an elderly bulldog too plus a black cat.

For this reason I decided to stick a black scottie dog on the inside of the card which I  already had in my Christmas tin of cards and labels.

Inside the card

The outside of the card before I adapted it

The card is now a Christmas card

I have to say I am actually quite pleased with this. I realised that we don’t have any felt pens or anything suitable to colour with so I used some red and green paper that was part of a leaflet that came through the door and my white printing paper for the trim and bobble on the hat. I only had one chance at the hat as that was the biggest bit of red paper on the leaflet.

I don’t care about winning I just wanted to take part and I thought that John would appreciate a dog themed card. I posted my card this morning and I am feeling pleased that I made the effort.

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4 Responses to Another competition

  1. Sophie says:

    He will love it!! xx

  2. marion says:

    That is really good.

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