The first of our three Christmas dinners

We have three Christmas dinners. One with my side of the family, one with my husband’s side of the family and Christmas Day itself is just the two of us.

This year we had my side on Saturday and will have my husband’s side on Friday. There were my youngest son and daughter in law and my eldest son, daughter in law and delightful two and a half year old grandson with a second grandson due in April.

We had a really lovely time. We did the full on turkey dinner and have saved a few slices of turkey for our Christmas dinner so we don’t need to cook it again and have too much left over. We have parsnips and sprouts from the allotment for our Christmas dinner.

There was lots to eat and drink and then exchanging gifts after dinner. The eldest son’s family stayed over and left after lunch the next day. My little grandson didn’t want to go home and in truth I didn’t want him to go home either.

Our table ready for the first of the family Christmas dinners
With champagne flutes for arrival drinks

We had such a lovely time. We will have Christmas Day with just the two of us but with phone calls from all the family. For the third Christmas dinner my husband’s family have chosen roast beef.

Phew! Three turkey dinners would have been a stretch too far and we are looking forward to having a different third dinner.

It stretches our Christmas out and will soon run into the New Year celebrations.

I would therefor like to take this moment to wish all my readers, their families and their chooks a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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8 Responses to The first of our three Christmas dinners

  1. Jenny says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Carol and to your flock from mine xx

  2. Sophie says:

    A very merry Christmas Carol xx

  3. david says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Carol, as well as to all your readers. 15 here for Christmas dinner this year and next year, we’ll have another grandson, like you – due in early May. On the poultry front, Butterscotch is now laying and Speckles has started: 2 eggs from her so far, so potential for eggs for breakfast for some over the festive period. You have, yet again, been a brilliant and consistent blogger: thank you so much for the effort you make and for keeping us abreast of your lovely flock. Best wishes from all in the north east.

    • Carol says:

      Thank you and to you too. We had seven and seven again for the next one, fifteen is a lot to feed in one go.

      Well done Speckles. Smoke went broody three days ago after nine eggs so no more here for a while but the girls are all well which is the main thing.

      I must admit blogging has slipped a bit since I stated eBay and it was so busy with the run up to Christmas but even if it’s not as frequent I will be continuing to blog. I appreciate my little band of loyal followers too so thank you. xx

  4. marion says:

    Pleased it all went well, your table looked lovely.xx

    • Carol says:

      We had such a lovely time. We have to use mats on our table to protect it from heat and used to put a red runner over the top of the mats to make it Christmassy ). The runner was wider than the mats and sometimes someone would put their glass over the edge of the mat underneath the runner and the glass would tip over and spill causing them to feel bad about it. Because of this we decided to keep it simple and just use the mats only. You may have noticed that the mats have chickens on them as do the coasters. I have many different chicken coasters! xx

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