Christmas dinner number three

We have just had our third Christmas dinner. We all had a lovely time apart from our grandson who wasn’t feeling well and slept through most of the day. This was such a shame for him and the family were going to stay over but decided it would be best to get poorly boy back to his own bed. He had a cold and sore throat and wasn’t up to eating anything.

Everyone else seem to make up for it by eating extra to cover his portion. Again lots of food and drink was consumed and another batch of presents opened.

Christmas dinner number three

The table is much the same with just a different set of serviettes and Christmas crackers. Once again there were seven of us.

My husband had amongst his previous gifts some fir cones that burn blue in the fire so he put the last of them on the fire to show the grandchildren.

Blue flames
A magical fire

We are now exhausted after all the Christmas entertaining. It’s all been lovely but very tiring and we are looking forward to getting back to normal.

Just New Years Eve to go!

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  1. marion says:

    I love the blue flames.

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