Christmas jigsaw

By “Christmas jigsaw” I mean that the jigsaw was a Christmas gift to my husband from his youngest son. It was very well chosen as it depicts vintage cars. It has a thousand pieces.

My husband decided we should have a go at it on the day before New Year’s Eve. It soon became very addictive. It was also very satisfying as it progressed.

The first day we got the edges completed. This took several goes through every piece in the box to find all the straight edges. We were very pleased with ourselves when we completed the edge and I took a photograph.

We spent a couple of hours together doing the jigsaw every afternoon. As I said it became very addictive. It took us five days to complete and I took a photograph each day at the end of our session.

First we did the easiest parts which was the body work on the different coloured cars. Once we had completed most of the colourful parts it became much more difficult as the windscreens were all a similar colour and the tyres and the background were all black or dark.

There were also quite a few red cars so it became difficult finding the right red pieces for the right car. At this point it slowed down and towards the end it speeded up again. The dark background was really difficult until that was all that was left. It then became a task of using the shape of each piece to find where it fitted.

We were immensely pleased with ourselves when we completed it and it is still sitting on our dining table as we can’t bear to break it up yet.

Jigsaw started on day one

Day two

Day three
Day four

Completed on day five

We have really enjoyed this jigsaw. It reminded us that that there are a couple more jigsaws in the cupboard from previous Christmases that had been forgotten about.

We will now get them out and do them. One has five hundred pieces and one has seven hundred and fifty pieces. Bring on the next jigsaw.

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2 Responses to Christmas jigsaw

  1. marion says:

    I know what you mean, once started it is hard to pass it by, with out having a go.
    I do a lot, and always have one on the go when people are here to stay, I think if they get bored, there is always something to do.
    When Karen was sorting her mothers things, she gave me 3 lovely ones, they had never been opened, two were 1000 pieces one was 1500 pieces, that one will be a challenge, I will start that one next time Yvonne comes, she is a jigsaw whizz. Keith gave me Poppies jigsaw case to do it on, as you can put it away, when need be.
    I did one before xmas, it was all 1950 chocolate bars, it was such fun to do. It was on the same lines Richards old car puzzle is.

    • Carol says:

      I thought of you while we were doing the jigsaw. In the past when we had a large jigsaw we bought a jigsaw mat. you were supposed to be able to roll it up with the jigsaw on it and put it in a tube then roll it out again when you wanted to continue. It didn’t work as when we rolled it out a lot of the pieces had come apart. This time Richard cut off the side of one of my large e-bay packing boxes and put parcel tape round the edges. This meant we could lift it and move it when we needed the table.

      The chocolate bars puzzle sounds fun. The one Richard bought last year is a vintage car in front of a cottage which we will do next and the other one is a David Attenborough one of animals on the Galapagos Islands which looks quite difficult.

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