More girls getting ready to start egg laying

I have been surprised to see Speckles going in the nest box over the last week. Last year she laid one egg in March and five more in June. I wasn’t really expecting her to lay at all this year let alone to start earlier. It has been a milder winter though.

Yesterday Flame also tried out the nest box and she started laying half way through February last year so the milder weather may be having an effect on the girls.

Flame in the nest box
Flame putting pine shavings on her back
Flame comes out and Speckles looks in
Speckles looks in the nest box
Speckles comb is getting bigger and redder
Speckles tries out the other nest box
Spangle also wants to see what is going on
Spangle takes a look in the nest box

After all this nest box action just Ebony laid yesterday and just Smoke today. I am sure that Flame will start soon though as this was typical practising before getting started. It seems that Speckles is thinking about it too but I think it will be a bit longer before she starts. I think Spangle was probably just being nosy.

It is quite amusing to see all this action around the nest boxes. I am hopeful that I won’t have to buy any eggs soon. It will be lovely to have enough of our girls’s eggs to not need to supplement with shop bought eggs.

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6 Responses to More girls getting ready to start egg laying

  1. david says:

    Clear signs you’ll have more layers soon; that mirrors what we have here – moe than just a trickle, but not bad for this early in the year – and 3 persistent broodies!

    • Carol says:

      It is looking good for so early in the year. Oh, those broodies! I keep thinking that Smoke won’t be long before she goes broody. I just hope we have more laying by the time that happens. It’s looking very spring like though which is good to see.

  2. marion says:

    Very good for this time of the year, the girls all look well.

  3. Sophie says:

    Love the pic of Spangle being nosy!! xx

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