Spangle’s first egg of the year

Today Spangle settled in the nest box again. A few times she had a false alarm and would come out of the nest box shouting and I would check and there would be no egg. The next time she came out shouting she had finally got her first egg of the year laid. Well done Spangle!

Spangle’s egg had slight streaks of blood on it but this does sometimes happen on the first egg, especially when it has taken a long time to be laid, so I am not worried.

Spangle’s first egg of the year on the left of the photo

Flame’s egg is on the right, Salmon’s egg is second from the right, Marmite’s egg is third from the right and Spangle’s egg is on the left with a little streak of blood on the shell.

At the same time as Spangle laid her first egg of the year Smoke gave up being broody. I felt that Smoke was getting ready to come out of broodiness as she had been coming out of the nest box more often and staying out for longer over the last couple of days.

It has been exactly two weeks since Smoke went broody. Today Smoke stayed out of the nest box all day. I wondered what she would do at bedtime as I had been lifting her every evening from the nest box to the perch in the chicken shed.

I went up to check after dusk and was very pleased to find Smoke on the perch in the chicken shed. Hurrah! That means Smoke is definitely finished with being broody.

After a bit of break Smoke will start laying again which will be great as she is our best layer. Well done girls!

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7 Responses to Spangle’s first egg of the year

  1. Sophie says:

    Well done Spangle!xx

  2. marion says:

    Well done Spangle, you are getting a nice lot of eggs again now.

    • Carol says:

      Not so many because our best layers are Ebony, Flame and Smoke and out of those three only Flame is laying. Salmon has laid two so far but the first one was broken. Marmite has laid two so far and Spangle one. Salmon and Spangle only lay now and again. However it is still good to have them laying. We had enough eggs for Saturday and Sunday breakfast with just Spangle’s egg left. I expect Flame will lay today. Any eggs are gratefully received.

      • Flame and Marmite have both now laid today ( Sunday ). That is Marmite’s third egg in six days so now that she is regular we should get a few more eggs. I would expect Smoke to start again between one and two weeks.

  3. david says:

    Really good news, on all fronts.

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