A dust bathing session

For the first time in ages we had some sunshine today. It sparked off a massive dust bathing session.

A mass communal dust bathing session
I wonder why Speckles is the only girl on the other side of the wire

It looks as if Smoke is thinking the same thing

It was lovely to see all of the girls enjoying a dust bath. Spangle and Salmon were so close together that they look like one girl.

Egg laying has also picked up now. All that is except for Salmon. Salmon has only laid two eggs and they were two weeks apart. I can’t help thinking that her permanent wheeze is the reason she is not laying although she continues to look well.

Spangle has now laid six eggs. Marmite has laid seven. Smoke has laid three in four days since she has started again. Ebony has laid four in seven days since she started again. Flame has been laying every other day since she started at the beginning of February.

We have now had our first two, four egg days, today and two days ago. The first one was Flame, Ebony, Spangle and Marmite and today it was Ebony, Spangle, Marmite and Smoke.

For the first time this year I was able to give a few eggs away to our new neighbours. They are lovely neighbours which is a great relief and they have been round to be introduced to our flock.

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6 Responses to A dust bathing session

  1. david says:

    Brilliant news on the egg production front. The soil in the run looks perfect for a dust bath.

    • Carol says:

      It has been a sudden upswing in eggs from the start of just a few. The far part of the run does get wet with the ongoing never ending rain that we have had but fortunately this top part always stays dry. It is wide enough and sheltered enough to remain dry thank goodness and a bit of sun is all that it needs to get all the girls dust bathing. In recent days with frosty starts there would be the odd girl dust bathing here and I thought how cold the soil must feel but a bit of sun got all the girls together with dust bathing which was quite joyful to see.

  2. Sophie says:

    Lovely to see them dust bathing! xx

  3. marion says:

    Happy chicks having their dust bath. I know how they feel, when the sun shines.

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