Salmon has laid a proper egg

I thought that Salmon was getting ready to lay as she was at the grit yesterday and quite vocal and once again went in the nest box by the gate for a few minutes.

Yesterday Marmite laid her egg at bedtime and at dusk I had to lift her from the nest box to the chicken shed and her egg was in the nest box beside her. It is the first time this year that she has laid two days running.

This morning Smoke was in the nest box first thing and laid her egg which is the usual large size for a little girl.

At lunch time I checked the nest boxes and Spangle’s torpedo shaped egg was in her usual nest box and there was another egg in the nest box by the gate. This could only be Salmon’s as all the other little girls had laid. It has a good shell but has quite a pointed shape.

I am so pleased with this as it is a good sign that all is well with Salmon.

Salmon’s pointed egg is on the left, then Spangle’s torpedo shaped egg next, then Marmite’s egg, then Smoke’s larger round egg is on the right
I moved Smoke’s egg to the other end as a comparison of how large Smoke’s eggs are
Back in the original order I have added Flame’s egg at the left of the line up for a size comparison

There isn’t an egg from Ebony as we ate it for breakfast yesterday!

We now have all the girls laying apart from our old girl Speckles so this is all good. I am so pleased that Salmon laid a good egg with no problems. I think her eggs will probably be normal from now on.

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6 Responses to Salmon has laid a proper egg

  1. Sophie says:

    Wonderful that Salmon has laid a proper egg!

  2. david says:

    Really good news.:)

  3. marion says:

    Good news.

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