Every single blog I follow is talking about Coronavirus and I have so far held off mentioning it but it has come to the point that I can’t any longer.

This is having such a huge impact. For us as self employed caterers our business ended abruptly. Every single lunch or event we had in our diary has been cancelled. All our corporate companies have informed us that they won’t be having catering until this has passed.

We had two events booked for April which would have given us a boost but both have now been cancelled. Our diary is empty which is really weird.

However we are very lucky that we were already downsizing towards eventual retirement. We are debt free and have some savings so we will sit it out. We feel very sorry for businesses that will be much more badly effected. This last week with no work has felt like a practice retirement.

A few years ago when we had a mortgage, overdraft and a loan on the vans this would have put us terribly in debt. We have worked hard in the past to become debt free so we would be able slow down and thank goodness this has now put us in a position that means we will be able to cope. Our hearts go out to all of those that will be very worried at the moment.

Because I have had a week with nothing to do I have been shopping for ingredients and cooking every day to make meals for the freezer. We have a large work freezer with no work in it so it seemed wise to fill it with healthy home cooked meals.

We are preparing for the possibility of having to stay indoors soon. At the moment we have only ventured out to go to the shops while we still can. We are doing no socialising but are keeping in touch with family through phone calls and e-mails.

I have also stocked up on chicken supplies. We do have the advantage of a supply of eggs from the girls.

These are very worrying times and I hope everyone is doing what they need to to stay safe. I wish for everyone to stay healthy while we wait for this pass.

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6 Responses to Coronavirus

  1. Sophie says:

    Every time you watch the news it just gets more and more scary!! Take care everyone xx

    • Carol says:

      It does and because we are now indoors all day we can’t help keep watching and it’s just taking us over. We feel we have gone from brexit to floods to this and it seems that every next thing just gets worse. This is so global and so different from anything that has gone before. It will effect everyone and the economy and everything in all our futures. As you say we can only say take care everyone xx

  2. david says:

    It is indeed hugely worrying, but there does seem to be some better news, with China on top of this cursed virus and things returning to normal in South Korea, as well as test kits which take only hours to reveal results. You are fortunate to be in your current position of ‘winding down’ your business – it’d be unthinkable, economically, otherwise. I await tomorrow’s announcement, wondering how closely we are going to align ourselves with other countries. I remember thinking how long the confinement was for our girls during the avian flu period and realise that we’ll be confined for at least as long. The main thing, though, is to stay safe and healthy. Do take care, everyone.

    • Carol says:

      It is so worrying and it will be so long lasting. I feel there is nothing more we can do but be prepared so I have in all that I think we will need. I have cooked meals for the freezer and bought jigsaws and books and have all that I need for the girls. We are washing our hands constantly. We are ready to wait it out and are hoping for the best. As you say we can only urge everyone to take care.

  3. marion says:

    We are not going to Cromer on the bus in the near future, and cut down going to the shops, Trying to keep safe. Let us all hope this will soon pass.

    • Carol says:

      I think that’s a good idea. I have only been going out to the shops but I will only be going occasionally from now on until we can’t go out at all. We can all only hope this passes soon.

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