A yogurt treat for the girls

On Sunday I gave the girls the last of their spinach. I had stocked up with my chicken supplies but there was no point buying more than one bag of spinach as it doesn’t keep for more than a week at most and just goes slimy.

It is a treat not an essential but I think that greens are good for the girls and greens keep the eggs a lovely rich colour.

I have bought some frozen spinach which I thought that I could mix with their mash. I don’t know how well it will go down with the girls but if they don’t like it we can always use it ourselves.

Yesterday I decided instead of the spinach I would give them some yogurt that I have been saving for when the spinach runs out.

The girls have some yogurt
The girls love yogurt
I love to see their yogurt beaks
A very welcomed treat

It wasn’t long before the dishes were empty. I think I can safely say the girls enjoyed their yogurt treat.

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  1. marion says:

    They certainly look as though they are enjoying it, We love frozen spinach, we prefer it to the fresh, fresh spinach goes to such a little when cooked.

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