Another jigsaw

I bought two jigsaws from the charity shop before the lock-down. I had been saving them until after my husband had finished the car as I felt that would be when we would need something to occupy us.

This jigsaw had 1500 pieces which was larger than our recent jigsaws. It wouldn’t fit the cardboard sheet we did the last ones on but we felt that as we won’t have visitors it could stay on the dining room table leaving just enough space for us to sit opposite each other at mealtimes.

It depicts Queen Mary’s doll house and it was a great one to do as there is so much fine detail. The border was difficult as it was repetitive but once that was in place and I had got all the writing in place we began to make good progress with it.

The outside is done
Making progress
It is getting there now
Almost finished

This jigsaw was very addictive and satisfying to do. It took us about a week to do and we really enjoyed it.

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4 Responses to Another jigsaw

  1. marion says:

    Looks very interesting, look as though it was quite hard to do. I have done 3 squares of the one you gave me, 2 to go. I think it is quite hard, i am enjoying it, but only do it when the weather is bad, and can not get out in the garden.

    • Carol says:

      It was quite hard but we like that as it lasts longer. I am glad you are enjoying that one, we did find it quite hard in places but again enjoyed it.

      Yesterday I spent the afternoon sitting in the sun with a book and got a bit tanned. It was so lovely to have some sun.

  2. Jenny says:

    I’m doing a beautiful but VERY hard jigsaw from Angela Harding

    • Carol says:

      We have just started another one today which is of lots of cats. It is really hard. I have got the outside done but we are struggling to get started on the inside and have many sets of eyes looking at us!

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