Flame is broody

Both Smoke first and then Marmite started laying again, a week ago, after they came out of their broody spell. A few days ago Flame went broody.

I hoped like Smoke and Marmite that if I tried to break Flame out of it straight away it might be relatively easy. Not so! I have been locking Flame out of the nest boxes for the last three days and she now sits on top of the nest box instead.

I have decided to leave her to it. There is no point in having her sit on top of the nest box instead of more comfortably inside it. It is a pain as she is by far the best, bigger girl, layer but we will just have to manage without her eggs for a while.

Flame after I have lifted her from the nest box
Broody Flame sitting on top of the nest box with the bucket and gloves blocking the pop hole

While I was taking these photos of Flame, Speckles jumped on my back. My husband was standing at the chicken run gate watching so I handed the camera to him to take a photo.

Speckles on my shoulder

Speckles has always had this habit of jumping on me. When I clean up the run, Speckles follows me, chatting to me and waiting for the chance to jump on me. When I am on their patio area if I bend slightly to look in a nest box Speckles jumps straight on to my back.

Speckles is now my only girl to do this and I think that of all the girls Speckles is the most attached to me. It is quite endearing.

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4 Responses to Flame is broody

  1. Sophie says:

    So lovely that Speckles jumps on you! A lovely pic of Flame – she is such a beautiful bird xx

  2. marion says:

    Friendly little girl.

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