Our wedding anniversary

Yesterday was our wedding anniversary ( Tuesday 12th May ). It was also my grandson’s third birthday and my new grandson ( his sibling ) is now three weeks old.

We have been coping with the lock-down well but the one thing I really miss is visiting my three year old grandson and being able to hold my new grandson. I will never get to hold him as a new baby.

However his birth went smoothly and they are all well and happy so that is the only thing that really matters. My eldest son has been sending me photos from the moment of new baby’s birth and we have kept in touch with google hangouts so that I could watch the new baby as I chatted to my son.

Yesterday we did a video call on whatsapp so that I could watch my three year old grandson open his birthday present from us which we had posted to him. It was lovely to see him and chat to him.

We are lucky that during these difficult times we have the technology to stay in touch and I look forward to a time when I can see them again in person.

As I am the one doing the shopping for us I bought an anniversary card for both of us and said in it that we were lucky that if we had to be locked in we were locked in together.

I bought some posh chocolates and for our evening meal I bought smoked salmon canapes as a starter and cooked ribeye steak, mushroom and chips.

My lovely husband surprised me with a home made card and some wild flowers from the allotment.

Wild flowers from the allotment

It was lovely and just shows how we can still do special things in very simple ways.

We are all having adjust to these strange times and must make the best of what we can. It was a happy day.

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6 Responses to Our wedding anniversary

  1. Sophie says:

    Happy anniversary Carol and husband – I hope you really enjoy your meal! xx

    • Carol says:

      Thank you. It was yesterday and we did enjoy our meal. I hadn’t cooked us steak for a very long time so it made a change and the smoked salmon bits were lovely. xx

  2. marion says:

    That is so lovely,glad you had a nice day, and nice that you could see Link have his presents. xx

    • Carol says:

      It was lovely and lovely to see Link. I called Steve today and he called me back straight away to say that Link had just come into the room and wanted a video call with nanny. Every time we started to say good bye he said that he just had to tell me one more thing. It was so sweet. xx

  3. david says:

    You are absolutely right, that technology provides a definite measure of consolation for those of us yearning to see our grandchildren. I can empathise fully with your feelings about your newest arrival: my daughter-in-law, now overdue with their second child, is to be induced tomorrow and we’ll only see the baby thanks to photos and video calls. Frustrating, but a small price to pay to ensure everyone’s safety. Your meal sounds lovely; we have steak for tomorrow. Keep safe. 🙂

    • Carol says:

      You can understand better than most being in a very similar situation and also I can understand for you too. I played it down a bit but leading up to the birth was stressful. In the current situation it was very worrying. They had a difficult first birth with emergency c section and this time elected c section and very much effected by current situation. Steve had to wait in the car park for seven hours before being able to attend the birth ( two emergency births went first which they knew could be the case ) but he said he didn’t care about that as long as every thing went okay. He attended the birth but then had to leave. She was in one day and out the next but they were happy to get home as quickly as possible. Steve sent me photos straight away and we have done video calls since then. I can’t hold him but can see him and am just happy that they are all okay. I hope all goes well for yours too and would love to hear from you when the new arrival comes. Thank goodness for the technology that keeps us in touch. Enjoy your steak. xx

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