A second allotment plot

The three of us sharing the allotment plot have just taken on the plot next to ours. It had an older couple sharing it with their daughter but she has now moved away and they couldn’t manage it on their own.

It is overgrown but it has the advantage of having a row of mature raspberry canes which is an absolute bonus for us all.

T has been going up early in the morning and digging it over and is doing a great job. We went up yesterday so that I could take some photos of both plots. I wanted to photograph the new plot before it’s cleared so that I will have before and after photos.

Our new plot which T has started digging over
It has this row of mature raspberry canes and looks over to our other plot

Some photos of our first plot.

Our artichoke plant has artichokes on it this year
Potatoes have been planted on the right
We have beautiful views from our plot
Our strawberry bed is looking great

We feel so lucky to have the allotment at the moment. We feel that this year will be even better than last year as we have learned a lot and we all have plenty of time.

We are looking forward to seeing how much produce we get this year, probably enough to keep our neighbours supplied too, but the main thing is that it gives us all a lot of pleasure.

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2 Responses to A second allotment plot

  1. marion . pharo says:

    The allotment looks wonderful, Glad to hear you did get the plot next to yours,
    Your artichokes look great. It is great what you all have achieved, and how nice to have raspberries all ready there. Must tell you, Bob and me heard the Cuckoo this morning, first time in a few years, and in the week i had 2 Jays on the bird table, also next door neighbour saw a Kingfisher, by the beck this week. Makes you wonder, if not so much pollution is bringing them out.

    • Carol says:

      I have never heard a cuckoo. I think less pollution and less people about is bringing more wildlife out. They have wild goats in the streets in Wales on one of the blogs I follow. We have seen the slow worms out on the path a few times recently. I will put a photo on a blog post. Also we have seen a little mouse in the chicken run. I am trying to get a photo.

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