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Over the last few days I have seen a fair sized slow worm on the path. Most times it had gone by the time I got my camera but eventually I just managed one photo before it disappeared.

Slow worm on the path

Our rambling rose is just getting started. I took a photo of it against the blue sky.

The rose against the blue sky
This clematis is a beautiful colour

In chicken news Smoke came out of being broody nearly a week ago. I decided that as Smoke was no longer broody I would close the nest boxes at the end of the day to encourage broody Flame to go in the chicken shed at bedtime.

Flame would then sit on top of a nest box.

Flame sits on top of the nest box

Despite this Flame still went and perched in the chicken shed at bedtime. This makes life easier as I don’t have to lift her at bedtime and it is also less disturbance for her too.

After doing this for a couple nights I decided to close the nest boxes during the day once the laying girls had laid their eggs. I was pleased to find that Flame stayed out in the run instead of sitting on the nest box.

I have now been closing the nest boxes for the last couple of days and I am hopeful that Flame will soon give up on being broody. I am also expecting Smoke to start laying again soon.

It is always good to have a bit of respite between broody girls.

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2 Responses to This and that

  1. marion says:

    Your roses and clematis are lovely, Nice not to have any broody girls at the monent.

    • Carol says:

      It’s great not to have broodies for a while. Flame is back to normal now too. It’s better for them too not to sit in a nest box when the weather is lovely.

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