The garden is looking lush

The garden is looking amazing after first the sun and then the rain making everything look lush. The roses are now past their best but even so I love to see them as I walk under the arches so thought them worthy of photographing.

View up the garden
View down the garden
Down under the arches
Up under the arches
In front of the chicken run

I just love the garden at this time of year.

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8 Responses to The garden is looking lush

  1. Jenn says:

    Your yard is lovely!! So many paths and little spaces! -Jenn

    • Carol says:

      We love it. When we moved in thirteen years ago it was mostly lawn which we removed bit by bit and planted instead. We were very overlooked but are now very secluded. Where our path is now was a concrete path which we changed a few years ago as it was all broken up. We couldn’t grow along the fence because of that so it was my husband’s idea to put in the arches and grow over them for privacy. He has often said since then that it was one of his better ideas!

  2. david says:

    Everything looks so healthy.

  3. Sophie says:

    I have major envy of your garden Carol! xx

    • I am just so happy to have the garden in present times. We have done a lot of work on it over the years but now we reap the rewards and just need to keep it in check really. xx

  4. marion says:

    Lovely, as you say, such a lovely time of year, for the gardens.

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