The moult is speeding on

I am now picking up a full punnet ( which is what I use for poop picking ) of feathers from both the run during the day and the chicken shed in the morning.

I photographed Speckles and Flame again yesterday, just the next day, from the photos taken for the previous post and more tail feathers had fallen out.

Speckles has one remaining tail feather
Flame has no tail feathers

I don’t suppose it will be long before Speckles last tail feather falls out. I always think the girls look very odd without their tails. Tail feathers do seem to grow back quickly though unlike head feathers.

The new tail feathers will already be there underneath and will soon grow to their usual length. These girls will soon be back to normal.

And the next day:

Speckles now has no tail

As I had expected it wasn’t long before Speckles had no tail. She does look quite cute though.

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4 Responses to The moult is speeding on

  1. marion says:

    Still lovely.

  2. david says:

    She looks better with no tail feathers than with just the one! Hopefully, she’ll have a lovely new tail soon.

    • Carol says:

      You are right, she does look better with no tail. I swear those tail feathers are a bit longer today. They will soon grow back.

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