Allotment evolving as the year goes on

At last the tomatoes have started to ripen and they are going to be the next thing that we will be deluged with.

Huge tomato
Tomatoes ripening
Pumpkin getting bigger
Butternut squash
Passion flower

T wanted some pretty things on our second plot and this is very pretty.

We are getting loads of potatoes now too and onions and the raspberries are still plentiful and so good. So far it has been a very good year for the allotment plots.

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2 Responses to Allotment evolving as the year goes on

  1. marion says:

    So good, and such good looking veg. I love those big tomatoes.

    • Carol says:

      The tomatoes seem to have taken ages to ripen but now they are ripening at speed and we will be getting so many. There was a dead mouse on the path by them and some of the ripest had been half eaten. I wondered if the poor mouse had overdone it. I think we will all be finding all sorts of ways to preserve/use tomatoes.

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