Corn on the cob

We had a patch of corn on the cob on our first allotment plot and we also randomly planted six in our garden. I had visions of it growing tall enough to make it’s way above the surrounding plants.

It didn’t happen like that. The corn on the allotment plot grew huge and our corn in the garden never made it above the surrounding plants. It was stunted and small and pathetic.

Last weekend we visited the allotment just as T and C were checking out the corn. Some corn cobs looked good, some had not filled out to the end of the cob and a lot had dried up kernels. I think with hind sight we should have picked some of them sooner.

T and C were checking the cobs and sorted them in to good and bad piles. I said that I would take all the dry ones for the chooks so they wouldn’t be wasted. They divided the good ones into three lots so each of the three of us sharing the allotment plots would have some.

The chooks love the corn and will peck on it throughout the day. I took a couple of photos of them pecking the corn then decided to see what our garden corn was like.

I have never seen such tiny corn cobs. It had tried but not made it. I photographed them in my hand then added them to chicken run. They may be rubbish but the chooks still liked them.

Salmon and Marmite at the corn
Marmite pecking the corn
Our pathetic garden corn
Salmon and Spangle with Salmon pecking at our mini corn

The corn that hadn’t made it to the end of the cob was the most tender which coupled with the ones that were completely dried out made me think that we should have picked them sooner. A lesson for the future. The chooks loved them though and they don’t care what condition they are in.

One success in the garden, or at least in the pots, are our chilli plants. Our huge chillies are now turning red.

Our chillies are turning red

These are really hot and with two plants having loads of chillies I think they will have to go in the freezer. We won’t need to buy chillies for a very long time.

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6 Responses to Corn on the cob

  1. Sophie says:

    Lovely treat for the girls! xx

    • Carol says:

      They ended up with more corn cobs than us but that’s okay. It keeps them occupied all day and they continue to peck at the cobs long after the corn is gone. The great thing about chickens is that none of the allotment produce is ever wasted as they are happy to have the bits that aren’t good enough for us. Some tomatoes were a bit weird and they went to the girls too.

  2. marion says:

    The girls looked as though they loved them. I wonder why yours did not grow.
    Still, not to worry with all the lovely veg and fruit from the allotment.

    • Carol says:

      The girls loved them and nothing is ever wasted. I think our garden was too overcrowded for them and the soil isn’t great. Everything on the allotment performs so much than the garden as there is space, good soil and no shade from the sun.

  3. david says:

    Corn is a real favourite. I tried once, many yeafrs ago, to grow it and, despite healthy-looking plants, it never made anything. As you say, there’s no wastage with chickens, though – and your chillies look amazing.

    • Carol says:

      I think getting corn just right is not easy. The weather has to be just right which it rarely is in this country. We have tried the chillies and they are mega hot. They look great but I am not sure what will be the best way to use them as they are much hotter than I had hoped. Someone suggested instead of freezing them they can be dried. I may try that.

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