The chick’s first week

The chicks have now been with us for a complete week as we collected them last Tuesday.

I open their little coup between seven and half past seven and they tumble straight down the ramp into the food dish.

The chicks head straight to the food dish
They like to stand in the food dish

I looked up when to start the chicks on growers pellets. It says at about ten weeks and I think the chicks are twelve weeks or more so I decided to give it a try. I broke the pellets up into smaller bits for the changeover and mixed in some chick crumb too. They seemed to take to it easily.

They still had to stand in the dish
They seem to have got the hang of the pellets

Today the chicks discovered the little perch which we put in this section when we first had chicks.

The chicks discover the little perch
They also tried the top of the hatch

Once the chicks had discovered the little perch they kept returning to it as if they were really pleased with their new found skill.

I am really pleased with how it is all going.

I have looked back at the last serama integration and I had mixed the five new girls in five days. I am amazed that it was so quick. I think that they were a bold bunch because they had a safety in numbers. As these chicks are just a pair I feel that I would rather take it a bit more slowly.

There is no need to rush and I am at home all the time now so I have plenty of time to spend with them. I want to get them used to all the different parts of the run before I start mixing them.

This corner part of the run seems to be a good size for their size and the thought of letting roam the bigger parts feels too soon at the moment. I am happy that there is no animosity from the other girls but I think it’s better for the chicks to take our time.

Getting the chicks on growers is a step forward and they seem very happy in their own little space for now. If they are happy I am happy.

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6 Responses to The chick’s first week

  1. Sophie says:

    Amazed that they want to perch! Bubble doesn’t want to know – I keep putting her on perches and she jumps straight down! xx

    • Carol says:

      If you look at the post again I now have the correct photos on. I had a problem with removing a repeated photo as updates had changed how to do this but it’s sorted now. The post should make more sense now.

      The chicks perched in the shelter on the first day but haven’t done so since and I think they found that perch by accident because they were a bit spooked by their new surroundings. Today though they found the little perch and it has been like a game with them going back to it over and over again as if they were really pleased with their new discovery. I think this will be a big help towards them perching in the chicken shed when they are integrated. xx

  2. david says:

    It’s like a brave new world for them, and they are taking some delight in discovering, which is lovely to read about – and no doubt even nicer to witness first hand.

    They are doing well to cope with growers pellets, even broken up (they are big!) – I’m finding that mine relish them when made into mash, but otherwise eat them only reluctantly.

    • Carol says:

      I love seeing them discover their new world which is why I want to give them time to get used to all the new bits. They always seem to take to growers when broken up and mixed with chick crumb. I always worry that they won’t take to it but it usually takes just a few days.

  3. marion says:

    Great, that they have found the perch so soon, your girls are growing up.

    • Carol says:

      They are growing up so fast. They looked very proud of their discovery of the perch. They perched there loads yesterday afternoon but I only had my camera with me the first time.

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