The chicks on their perch

Since the chicks have discovered the little perch in their part of the run it has become a favourite spot for them. Before if they wanted to chill they would go in their little coup but this perch has now become the place to chill.

They have also discovered that the little perch gets a shaft of sunshine in the afternoons and they hang out there in the spot of sun.

The chicks on their perch
This is their new chill out spot

The chicks are growing up fast. They no longer spend time in their little coup during the day. I think they are cheeping a bit less too and are having less mad moments tearing around. They also seem to have slowed down with their feeding.

They were always in the food dish at first but they now spend some time just chilling in the run or on the perch. They are losing some of their baby ways. They have also dropped some of their baby feathers.

I think we are ready to start integrating now. I will let them spend some time with the flock tomorrow.

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6 Responses to The chicks on their perch

  1. Sophie says:

    They are VERY sweet! xx

  2. david says:

    They are lovely – make me think of ‘Brave New World’.

    • Carol says:

      I echo that thought. I have been putting off the next stage because it’s easier to do that but I think they are ready to mix and I must move it on. Tomorrow I think. Watch this space!

  3. marion says:

    They look so sweet sitting on the perch together.

    • Carol says:

      They do look sweet. I am integrating them now and today they found all of the low perches around the run, they really like perching. It’s going really well and I have taken photos and will put out a post tomorrow.

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