The chicks are growing up and Salmon is moulting

The chicks are growing up fast. They have now explored the entire run and have discovered both ladders and the branch perches above the ladders.

The chicks have found the ladders
Chilling on the ladder

They also spend time in the big wooden shelter and have found both the perches and the platform behind the perches.

After four nights of me showing them into the chicken shed they started finding their own way in. They are pretty quick to catch on.

They have also learned that they can jump on me. Sugar was the first to jump to my arm then down again then on to my shoulder and down again then on to my back. Shadow not to be outdone also jumped to my back.

Unlike the other girls when I tried to tip them off onto the nest box they wouldn’t budge. I ended up putting my fingers in front of their feet and one at a time they perched on my fingers and I lowered them down.

A few days later when I was crouched down Sugar jumped on to my head. She jumped down again on her own. This is so funny and sweet but we have yet to get a photo.

Only Ebony and Flame are still laying and they are laying less often so both food dishes now have growers pellets in which I crush a bit to make them smaller for the chicks.

Smoke has gone broody once more after eight eggs in twelve days. I am happy to leave her to it as there are only growers pellets on offer at the moment.

Seramas are supposed to moult a bit at a time but Salmon is moulting quite heavily. She is dropping feathers all around the run and in the chicken shed. She has dropped a few tail feathers. She does have pins on her head already and I am hoping that she will be feathered up before the weather gets colder.

Salmon is looking tatty
Salmon is dropping feathers all around the run

We have had Shadow and Sugar three weeks tomorrow and they have settled in really well. They are very adventurous and quick to learn and totally at ease with me which is lovely. We have a very happy and settled flock.

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6 Responses to The chicks are growing up and Salmon is moulting

  1. Sophie says:

    Sounds like these chicks will be the most tame of all!

  2. marion says:

    They have grown so fast, a lovely picture of them on the ladder. It is so nice that they have settled in with no problems at all.Well done the flock.

  3. david says:

    They are wonderfully tame. Salmon does look somewhat bedraggled, bless her.

    • Carol says:

      Salmon has now slowed down and it’s Spangle’s turn. Spangle is dropping heaps of white feathers and a few tail feathers. So much for moulting a few feathers at a time. I just want them to get it done before the cold weather comes.

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