Smoke lays an egg

Ebony is getting ready to lay again and has been practising over recent days. Smoke doesn’t need to practise. When Smoke is ready to start laying she just settles in a nest box and gets the job done. It’s a month since Smoke last laid.

Today Ebony and Smoke both wanted the same, favourite, nest box at exactly the same time. There was shouting. Smoke settled in the favourite nest box, next to the store cabinet.

Ebony went into the same nest box and Smoke left. Smoke settled in the nest box next door and all went calm and quiet. A bit later I heard the egg shout from Smoke and both girls were out in the run. I checked the nest boxes.

No egg in Ebony’s nest box so it was a false alarm but in Smoke’s nest box there was her egg.

Ebony wants the same nest box that Smoke is in
Ebony gets the favourite nest box
Smoke settles in the nest box next door
Shadow and Smoke’s eggs

Smoke’s egg is on the right and Shadow’s first egg is on the left for size comparison. Smoke’s first egg is always a bit smaller than usual and her next egg will be a bit bigger than this one. Smoke’s eggs are always almost round.

It looks like the egg season has begun. It will be lovely to have our own eggs again but I expect more nest box dramas to come!

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6 Responses to Smoke lays an egg

  1. david says:

    Sometimes the noise would suggest many dozens of eggs … but it’s down to two wanting the same spot at the same time. Smoke seems to have a real determination and will no doubt lay well, until her next broody bout. Happy days. 🙂

    • Carol says:

      You are so right in all counts. The shouting at two wanting the same spot and I couldn’t help thinking that the best layer is back on but only for a certain period of time until the next broody spell. You can count the next broody spell from the first egg laid! We know our girls so well.

  2. marion says:

    How nice to start getting their eggs again.

  3. Sophie says:

    More eggs!! xx

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