Our first, three egg day, of the year

I say that it’s our first, three egg day of the year, but it’s also our first, more than one egg day, of the year as well.

This morning Smoke laid her second egg this month. She laid her first egg this month two days ago. Soon after Smoke laid Ebony laid her first egg this month. After a few days of practising she got the job done.

Smoke had laid eleven eggs in January before going broody. Ebony had laid two eggs in January.

A bit later in the afternoon Shadow laid her second egg a week after laying her first. Shadow laid both her eggs in the nest box by the gate.

Shadow is in her preferred nest box by the gate
Our February eggs

From the right is Shadow’s first egg and then her second egg which still has a little streak of blood but it’s smaller than the streak on her first egg. Next is Smokes first egg this month followed by her second one today. On the left is Ebony’s first egg this month which is a little smaller than her eggs usually are but that’s normal when starting up again.

What an exciting day. It is so lovely to be getting eggs again. It will be interesting to see how long it is before Sugar starts to lay.

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7 Responses to Our first, three egg day, of the year

  1. Sophie says:

    My goodness 5 eggs – you lucky thing!! xx

  2. david says:

    It is so good that Shadow has chosen the nest box – it can, sometimes, take a while. I had 2 with blood streaks yesterday morning but the weather’s been so bad I can’t take stock of who’s laying. Cotton still broody, but Butterscotch has given up for now!

    • Carol says:

      I did feel ridiculously proud of her. I told her what a clever girl she was. I am so fed up with the weather being either freezing or wet. I just want some sun!

  3. marion says:

    You are well away now, soon you will have enough for breakfast every day.

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