Shadow laying her egg

Yesterday I went up to the chicken run with my camera and just happened to catch Shadow laying her egg. This was her fourth egg, in just under two weeks, since she started laying.

This time she was in a different nest box. Shadow was in the favourite nest box next to the store cabinet. When I checked on her she was already in the standing position ready to lay.

Some of the photos are a bit blurred because I had to take them very quickly and this doesn’t allow time to focus properly. Shadow was so quick to lay her egg and leg it out of the nest box, instantly, that I didn’t manage to get all of her with her egg. By the time I clicked the camera she was already moving out of shot.

Shadow is just about to lay her egg
Shadow is in the egg laying position
As soon as her egg was laid she made a hasty exit
Shadow’s egg on the left and Smoke’s egg on the right for size comparison
Smoke’s egg on the left and Shadow’s egg on the right

The first eggs are always small and usually gradually get bigger. I think she laid it quickly as it was small but I was surprised how quickly she left the nest box after laying.

Once out of the nest box Shadow briefly gave the egg shout. It was the first time that I had heard Shadow shout. She is now a proper grown up girl. Well done Shadow!

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6 Responses to Shadow laying her egg

  1. Sophie says:

    Well done Shadow!! We are always ridiculously proud of our girls when they start to lay! Hopefully Sugar won’t be far behind!

    • Carol says:

      We are aren’t we! Sugar has been going in the nest box and pecking around so I think that she won’t be too much longer. Also Flame, Spangle and Salmon have been looking in the nest boxes too and Ebony laid her second egg this month today a week after her first one. xx

  2. marion says:

    Yes, Well done Shadow.

  3. david says:

    Well done for capturing it; you can even see the wetness on the newly-laid egg. Shadow looks in superb condition, with a lovely red comb. For a broody breed, it’s maybe no bad thing if they don’t tarry too long after laying!

    • Carol says:

      Oddly enough I often seem to catch a girl laying and that second photo is such a familiar stance to me. Shadow was so quick though and I couldn’t agree more that wanting to get straight out could be a sign that maybe she won’t be a broody sort of girl. Lets hope so anyway.

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