A tribute to Marmite

It has been so sad to lose Marmite at only three years old. Marmite laid soft shelled eggs plus a few weird shaped ones all last summer and we always knew that the beginning of the laying season this year could well be her downfall.

Marmite was able to enjoy another six months of being happy and healthy over the winter though so we are thankful for that. While looking back through my photos to do this tribute I realised how different Marmite’s first laying year was.

In my blog posts I have said that closely behind Smoke, Marmite was the best egg laying serama, that year. I had also forgotten that she went broody several times during her first year.

Marmite was quite a character and was always happy to join another girl in the nest box. Marmite was bottom girl until Shadow and Sugar came along and had such a sweet nature.

The five amigos just after we collected them in September 2018
Marmite with a yogurt beak in December 2018
Marmite shares a nest box with Ebony in May 2019
Marmite and Smoke broody together after I had just lifted from the nest box in August 2019
Marmite sharing a nest box with Smoke in August 2019
Marmite sharing a nest box with Flame in May 2020
Marmite dust bathing with her flock mates this year in January 2021
Marmite looking beautiful in April 2019

Marmite was such a beautiful girl and had such a lovely nature. One of the things that made it so hard to let her go was that she still showing her spirit just a few days ago.

Sugar got close to Marmite and Marmite rose up and gave her a light peck. I could almost read Marmite saying that she may be down but she was no longer bottom girl and Sugar and Shadow had best not forget that.

I am glad that she had the chance to rise up the pecking order a little. She is gone but will never be forgotten and will be much missed.

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8 Responses to A tribute to Marmite

  1. Sophie says:

    Such a pretty girl Carol – she will be missed xx

  2. David says:

    A lovely tribute, Carol. She looked such a picture of health in the early days. I think one of the best photos ever is the one of Marmite ans Smoke broody together. You have given her a good life and the best of care. X

    • Carol says:

      Considering she was bottom girl she had no fear of getting in a nest box with any other girl and they all accepted her beside them. The broody photo of her with Smoke is top and bottom serama and yet again accepted side by side. I love the way Marmite is such a round ball. Smoke was/is an angry broody but Marmite retained her sweet nature. She was a special girl and definitely worked her way into my heart. X

  3. Jenny says:

    I’ve just caught up with your last few posts. So sorry to read about Marmite – always such a hard decision to make even when you know in your heart of hearts that it’s the right thing to do.
    I especially love the photo of her with Ebony.
    Marmite was a beautiful little girl with such lovely glossy feathers, I’m sorry you’ve lost her.

    • Carol says:

      Marmite was a beautiful girl. I too liked seeing Ebony and Marmite side by side as it was little and large black feathered girls together and Ebony could be quite a thug but accepted Marmite sitting with her. I love the gloss in black feathers. I am missing seeing her in the run already.

  4. marion says:

    You did her proud, a lovely girl.

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