Sharing a nest box

Flame seems to like sharing a nest box. If another girl is in a nest box Flame will always choose to share.

Today Sugar was in the nest box first.

Sugar in the nest box

Flame was making the mournful sound that she always makes when she is about to choose a nest box. The next time I checked on the girls Flame was settled in the nest box with Sugar.

Sugar and Flame share a nest box

The next time I checked Sugar and Flame’s eggs were side by side. It looks as if Sugar is just putting up with Flame’s company. It is quite sweet though how Flame likes to share. I love seeing the different sized girls together like this.

In other news Smoke laid her first egg today since her broody spell. This is only two weeks after her last egg so not too bad. Just one week broody and one more weeks break.

That’s all the girls laying except Speckles and Ebony. Speckles I don’t expect to lay but I am a bit perplexed by Ebony’s lack of laying.

Plenty of eggs though so not a problem as long as all the girls are happy and healthy.

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6 Responses to Sharing a nest box

  1. David says:

    Sugar looks really protective of her space – in the photo with Flame, she is noticeably more ‘hunkered down’ than in the one by herself. Ebony is a bit of a conundrum in terms of egg production, but good to know that all is well overall.

    • I thought that too. Some of the girls look happy to share but it shows in Sugar’s face that she is just putting up with it. It is weird why Ebony isn’t laying because she was such a good layer over the last three years. 2018 – 106 eggs, 2019 -153 eggs, 2020 – 115 eggs. So far this year 1 egg in January and 2 eggs in February.

  2. Sophie says:

    Flame is such a pretty bird! xx

  3. marion says:

    So sweet to see them lay their eggs together.

    • Carol says:

      It always makes me smile. Out of three nest boxes the girls always want the same one. I think they think that if a nest box has been chosen by a girl then that means it must be the best one. Flame in particular is always drawn to a box with a girl already in it.

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