An abundance of eggs

The girls have really got into their egg laying stride. Even Ebony is now laying again. Ebony laid an egg three days ago followed by another one yesterday.

I am glad that Ebony is laying again. It’s not because we need the eggs but because it means there is no problem going on with her. I really don’t want any more health problems with the girls.

For the first time in a very long time the entire flock is laying. For the first time this year I am using all three of my egg rollers in the fridge.

Eggs on three rollers

Also for the first time this year I have enough eggs to give some away. Yesterday I gave all the eggs from the back roller to my lovely neighbours. There are three of them as their adult daughter lives with them.

Because our eggs are so small I needed to accumulate a good number of eggs before I could give some away. We have them two or three each at a time.

My neighbour shares books with me. We each put the books that we have enjoyed on the wall to be read and then passed back. We pass each other small gifts from time to time. It is lovely to be able to share some eggs.

It is lovely having such an abundance of our girls’ lovely eggs. Thank you girls!

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8 Responses to An abundance of eggs

  1. marion says:

    How nice to have all those eggs, enough to be able to share them,

  2. Sophie says:

    I can only dream of that many eggs! Bubble laid her first egg the day before yesterday – she’ll be 10 months old next week xx

    • Carol says:

      Oh, well done Bubble. It’s funny how the silkie girls are so late starting. I remember my silkie girls started at around nine to ten months xx

  3. David says:

    How lovely to see, Carol, and a real achievement to have every single one laying! I, too, give eggs away and we’re getting loads at the moment – the number of non-broody leghorns now, compared to the silkies, pekins and crosses of a few years ago is really paying dividends for all of our family living locally and our neighbours.

    • Carol says:

      It is amazing to have all the girls laying but then my flock is small compared to yours. Also the amount of broodies makes such a difference and at the moment I have only Smoke but only time will tell with Shadow and Sugar. I wonder if they will be broody girls or not. Still we just have to celebrate the eggs while they are coming thick and fast.

  4. Jackie says:

    When I had my chickens And allotments I used to swop my eggs for vegetable plants , vegetables I had not grown and favours ! I once gogbyo the allotment with my bike anc had a puncture , it was mended by an allotment holder in exchange for eggs .

    • Carol says:

      A bit of swapping is a great thing. My neighbours are very kind about the shouting that goes on between my girls when they all want the same nest box at the same time. Giving them some eggs makes me feel better.

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