Smoke usually stays broody for only a week if I lift her out of the nest box constantly. She then takes a break for another week and then starts to lay again.

Sugar went broody the first time for six weeks. She then took a break of two weeks before laying again. After just under two weeks of laying Sugar went broody again.

I took action straight away and put Sugar in the dog crate at nights. It took four nights for Sugar to come out of it. What has surprised me is that after a break of only four days Sugar laid again today. This is a great result. I will continue to do this with Sugar.

Flame on the other hand came out of her broody spell after four nights in the dog crate but then started moulting. It has now been two weeks since Flame came out of her broody spell and she has been dropping feathers ever since and therefore not laying.

The girls are all so different. Sugar has lots of unique, to her, behaviours. Sugar had her habit of jumping on me. Sugar has another habit.

It has been very wet recently. Parts of the run get wet where the rain blows in the sides and other parts of the run stay dry. While it is like this Sugar always has pair of muddy feet while all the other girls have clean, dry, feet.

Sugar obviously likes being in the wet parts of the run. Yesterday Sugar had muddy feet and it was the same again today. Today I took a photo of Sugar’s little mud shoes.

Sugar has muddy feet

Sugar most definitely has her own unique personality. She makes me smile.

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6 Responses to Sugar

  1. marion says:

    She do look funny, gave me a giggle.

  2. sophie says:

    What a cutie!xx

  3. David says:

    She’s in wonderful condition. Someone always starts to moult in June! Butterscotch did in May, as soon as she abandoned her eggs. Before we know it, there’ll be feathers everywhere!

    • Carol says:

      Sugar is looking great apart from the muddy feet and laid again today. I always used to think of moulting at the end of the year but you are right that there is always someone moulting early. Loads of feathers from Flame and it knocks their confidence. Flame is first to bed really early every day. Funny how different they all are. Sugar was last to bed today.

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