Smoke is broody yet again and more roses in the garden

Smoke seems to be going for a record of serial broodiness. This time is her quickest yet and least number of eggs laid. Eight eggs in twelve days and she is broody again.

Smoke is broody again

I will continue with my usual regime of lifting Smoke from the nest box every time I go in to the girls in the hope that I can get her through this as quickly as possible.

We hardly seem to get any time between broodies these days. I really hope that we can get a hamburg so that we can add a girl with a non broody nature!

In other news our two roses that flower until the first frosts are now flowering beautifully.

This rose is always beautiful and usually flowers right up until November
This rose was one of my 50th birthday presents

This was a standard rose but we have let it go wild. Both roses are quite different but both flower from now until November.

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4 Responses to Smoke is broody yet again and more roses in the garden

  1. David says:

    Your roses are beautiful – long may they bloom. Smoke is persistent; I hope you can dissuade her quickly. Hamburgs generally don’t go broody, although one of my trio did and raised a couple of batches of chicks. There is always an exception: I have had one of my leghorns broody for two weeks now, almost unbelievable.

    • Carol says:

      Catrin said that her hamburgs have never gone broody and my leghorns never did either. I suppose there will always be an exception to the rules though. I feel for you having a broody leghorn. I guess it is all the circle of life so although it’s annoying to us it has to be as we need chicks to continue. I know that we can’t expect our girls to do what we want them to do but it doesn’t stop it being a pain at times and as mine are not going to be able to rear chicks I try to do what is best for them too even though they won’t see it that way. Instinct is a powerful thing.

  2. marion says:

    What a lovely sight to get up each day and see.

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