Allotments greens and Smoke lays an egg

We have been giving the girls the greens from the allotment that are not up to up to standard. It’s purple sprouting broccoli that didn’t form as it’s too late in the season and has now been attacked by caterpillars.

The girls love it and Spot soon cottoned on to it as well.

Spot soon got the hang of allotment greens
Spot is joined by Smoke

This afternoon I checked on the girls and found Smoke missing. Smoke was in the nest box.

Smoke getting ready to lay again

It’s been a month since Smoke and Sugar last laid with Sugar’s last egg four days before Smoke’s last egg.

Sugar gave up being broody about a week before Smoke did so it will be interesting to see if Sugar also starts laying again or waits until spring.

When I next checked Smoke was out in the run and her egg was in the nest box.

Smoke’s egg on the left of a, medium, shop bought egg

Well done Smoke!

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4 Responses to Allotments greens and Smoke lays an egg

  1. David says:

    Good news. After several weeks with no eggs, two of the older girls are laying, but only about 3 each per week.

  2. marion says:

    Well done Smoke.

    • Carol says:

      She laid a second egg yesterday. It looks as though it’s only going to be Smoke laying through the winter as Sugar has shown no sign of wanting to lay. Any eggs are a bonus at this time of year.

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