Another sprinkling of snow

Yesterday we were surprised to wake up to another sprinkle of snow. Surprised because it wasn’t forecast for us. But it was also a day of blue sky and sunshine.

I wanted to capture the sun on the snow and also realised how much is still flowering in the garden considering it’s December and we have had several frosts.

Sun on the snow on our cabin roof
Roses still flowering in December
And just look at that blue sky
Snow covered campanula
Snow covered sedums look lovely

Despite the blue sky and sunshine the snow stayed all day as it was so cold. Overnight, last night, the snow vanished and it’s now much milder but wet. We have been having very changeable weather lately.

It was very pretty with the glorious sky and the sun but dull and wet is forecast for the coming week.

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4 Responses to Another sprinkling of snow

  1. marion says:

    The snow on the flowers look pretty.

  2. David says:

    Does look beautiful. Bracing ourselves up here for storm Barra. Have extra bedding in hen houses – don’t know if they like it better, or if it’s just me!

    • Carol says:

      It’s not been so pretty since then. It’s been dull and damp. I too thicken up the shavings in the chicken shed in winter but have no idea if it makes any difference. I think you are right that it just makes us feel better. The girls seem happy though. Hope the storm doesn’t cause any damage.

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